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Rest is a Gift. Use it!

Here is a poem I just wrote tonight.  It came to me while I was driving home from work.  Enjoy the meaning of it, as we all need the reminder! ❤

Rest is a Gift.  Use it!

I’m tired, drained, have no time

Working hard to earn a dime

Lord, I can’t see the end of the tunnel

I feel like I’m spiraling down a messy funnel

I said, Please Lord, give me the strength

I need to be able to make the great lengths

He said Wait, I give this gift to you

Rest, listen then do

He blessed the seventh day

He wants our rest to stay

To be close to Him and maintain health

This is how He can provide good wealth

I am blessed because You gave

Now I must go on and behave

❤ Stepheroni


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